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RamRods Prototype


Prototype release

Limited Availability Prototype Release

Diameter | 0.75" to 0.56" taper (Main Rod), 0.63" to 0.56" taper (Side Rod)

Color | Black

Length Options 33" | 30" | 27" | 15" | 13.5" | 12"

Damping Options: Standard VIBRO-CORE (full length of rod), SW Tungsten Damping (3oz Tungsten Powder in distal end of rod) with VIBRO-CORE (remainder of rod)

This Prototype Main Rod has a large 1in OD proximal cap mating surface for maximum stability and stiffness.  Ultra High Modulus carbon fiber tapers from 0.75in at the proximal end to 0.56in at the distal end.

This Stabilizer is designed for ultra-heavy stabilizer mass compound archers - we do not advise using this rod if you use less than 15oz on the front stabilizer of your bow.  The ultra-stiff base of the stabilizer ensures maximum hold from the moment you hit the wall to when the shot breaks.  The thinner tip of the rod ensures excellent control in the wind, and the entire design places ultra high modulus carbon fiber where you need it most.  Like all RamRods premium stabilizers, this bad boy also comes with some of the best internal damping in the world, either straight VIBRO-CORE or Tungsten Powder in the distal end (for maximum damping and FOC) with VIBRO-CORE in the rest of the shaft.  This is a limited Prototype design that our compound shooters have been raving about.  Pre-Orders Only starting April 2022, expected to ship June 2022.  We plan to release the full production version in October 2022 with small changes based on feedback from this prototype release.  Congrats if you've read this far, you might be ready to see this thing in person.